sourcing premium select produce from around the world to make 'best season' cakes all year round
October to December 2022
Open for preorder custom cakes

Rest Days
- Please refer to
(circled dates are open days)

Custom Cakes
- please place order 7 days in advance
(Limited slots closer to Year End, Christmas Weekend)

Corporate orders
- contact 0123177290

Immediate assistance
- 0362079282

Operation Hours
- Retail 9 to 5pm

Lots of love, Rui Team

Baked slowly, and specially.
Christmas Cakes Menu

Pick up dates

23 December (Friday 11am to 5pm)
Chocolate Log | Souffle Marron | Vintage Strawberry

24 December (Saturday 11am to 5pm)
Limited Premium Ichigo House | Zucotto Cheese | Black Forest* | Chocolate Log

25 December (Sunday 11am to 2pm)
Pavlova | Raspberry Gateaux Chocolat | Raspberry Shortcake | Chocolate Log

Mini Darling Size Cakes

Weekend Special

3 December

Signature Pineapple Tart Pre-order
Preview Sale Announcement

Bunny New Year 2023

Baked freshy in small batches in 2023

Open for preorder in this BUNDLE DOZEN in limited quantities exclusively online for this special promotion.
(while stocks last)
- once sold out, sales will be at regular price depending on production capacity

Open for Custom Made Orders

Slots fill up quickly closer to CNY, please kindly book slots early

Chinese New Year Break
- Please refer to calendar

Yellow box dates are BUNDLE PINEAPPLE PREORDER pick up dates (While stocks last)

Cake collection time

Item collection time from store via self-pick up from 11 am onwards till 5pm

Self arrange pick up by third party services, please arrange only car mode of transportation only, drivers can come to our store front with your order number and pick up your items.
Please be kind to abang  motor riders, they often get the blame for damaged cakes which is not the recommended mode of transport for cakes. Please arrange for a car service (for self arrangement preference).

Vintage Strawberry Shortcake
Next day delivery
- cut off time daily 2pm

Next day collection
- 12 - 5pm

(kindly refer to monthly calendar for store open days)
Forest Fruit Cake
Valrhona Guanaja 70% Choclate Mousse | Chantilly

Fruits of the Forest
(Strawberry/Blackberry/ Blueberry/ Raspberry/ Red Currant & others)

Valrhona Chocolate Glacage

Decorated with Seasonal Berries and Red Fruits

Open 5 days a week

Tuesdays to Saturdays ( 9am to 5pm)

Closed on Sunday & Monday

Closed on selected public holidays


For delivery locations not listed in 'Flat Price' areas, kindly checkout as 'Self Pick Up' and write the delivery address in the comments before checkout, we will get back to you for delivery pricing. Otherwise, please contact us on Whatsapp to add delivery to your confirmed order.

Each trip is considered one delivery, for multiple date selection, kindly multiply the delivery fee each trip or contact us prior to checkout if you are unsure. Alternatively we will get in touch with you soonest to confirm delivery.

Welcome to our store

Dear all customers and friends,
We moved to a new location since Dec 21'
Publika (Outer ring shoptlots)
Block D1 - G4 - 5
- landmark &neighbours Spinealive, FYF Kopitiam, Golfzon, TPS Golf, Hairmake Bridge

Drive thru pickup is possible as well.

Please call
0362079282 for immediate assistance during store operation hours.

whatsapp replies may be delayed on peak hours & peak periods and we thank you for your patience.

Delivery by car
(additional charges apply)

Call 03 6207 9282
(9am to 5pm)

012 3177 290
014 3337 290

MCO Operation Hours
Tuesday to Saturday
9am to 5pm

Baked fresh daily
in the valley of Mont Kiara by a team of passionate chefs

all pre-orders are made 'omakase' style according to the main ingredient and there are no photographs prior to the date

please view our cakes by following us on IG and let's enjoy sweet days together.

Hiring professional aspiring Patissier's to join our our humble bakery where everything is custom made.

Our secret ingredient is
'always love'
+ dedication to craft
+ passion for going beyond
+ using the best ingredients we can source
+ making cute custom made cakes
+ preparing seasonal elite cakes

Apply to join us now and have a let's get baking together!