Moving to a new place in a sudden relocation plan as we were left with no choice but to say good bye to our much loved home since 2008 in Meridin Mont Kiara. With so many memories in the old store, i have nothing but to thank our landlord for all thier support thusfar. 

It kinda feels right to facelift our brand as we take a new step into a new era of Patisserie Rui. 

'Rebuilding the beginning'

This image f what looks like a flower is actually a 'Starfish'. Long time ago when i first started, i chose this as our symbol as starfishes always grew back even when they were broken. This symbol is now used throughout the years.

Red symbolizes the beginning when i was flying solo baking in our home for sales in our first little 100sf store. Th kitchen doors were red and with this new begining in mind, our startfish is now in red. 

One day, i will share with you our first kitchen photo and i hope, to meet you in our new store.

Thank you everyone from far and wide, for all your love to me, my family and our amazing team. 

x, r.