Strawberry Season (Ichigo) is almost over but we are very grateful to farmers for putting love into thier land for these precious, delicate and full of taste strawberries.

They are pricey we know, but we go thru so many strawberries throughout the year and there are none other like Japan Strawberries. 
Once you taste them, you simply cannot forget he experience. 
Vine ripen, soft skin and juicyly sweet always. 

To name a few, we have used
Mikagi Farms (Silver, Gold, Platinum Series)
Nara Lab (Tri colour, Kokota, Shinju Hime, Awayuki)
Pearl Awayuki, White Pearl
Ichigo San
Murata Family Farms
Amaou Ichigo
La Fraise Wakaba Method
Sanuki Hime
Skyberry Ichigo
and more. 

Thank you everyone for your love always that keeps us going higher and further. 
We strive to give you the best of our work everyday.

x, r.