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Flower Cake (Buttercream)
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Floral cake 

Everyone loves flowers!

Flower Cake (real flower used)

→ Suitable for Wedding, Bridal Shower, Birthday

→ Display time up to 4 hours (in proper airconditioned room)
*depending on proper chilling time >12 hours in good condition chiller, depending on room temperature and humidity of the day. Therefore the display time is not a 100% guarantee but it would withstand display longer than a cream based cake.

→ Real Flowers used based on market best with the colour of your choice in mind

→ Flowers are for decoration purposes only and not meant to be plated as part of the cake for consumtion.

→ Base colour can be chosen, and arrangement placement can be chosen
(with this said, on a 1 tier cake - more likely to be placed at the top part of the cake)
(2 tier cake - placement can be top + middle + bottom | middle only as pictured | top only)

What's in the box

Cake of your choice in suitable box 

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