Single Origin Japan Strawberry Shortcake 6"
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*no photo to show

We will source the best ICHIGO STRAWBERRY of the Season for STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE

6" Round JP Strawberry Shortcake

(Top full of strawberry | less cream)

Omakase cakes are created by amplyfying the natural beauty of the fresh produce (without prior photo) according to the chef's creation of the day.

Kindly refrain from purchasing and order a custom made cake in other sizes (using regular imported strawberries) if you want a specific design.

*please take note in the unlikely event of air flown in disruption, we reserve the right to exchange the strawberry with the next best quality of Japanese Strawberry. thank you for your understanding as seasonal harvest may face shortage, flight delay, or harvest delay depending on weather and circumstances beyond our control
*please refer to ingredients page accordingly if you are unsure about the ingrediets we use in our bakery
*pictured cake was made from last Mikagi harvest in May, size of natural strawberry may vary from the same farm and picture is for illutration purposes only. we reserve the right to alter or change the design depending onthe natural beauty o the strawberry itself. 


What's in the box

6" Rui Omakase Cake in Rui Box


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