Ingredients used in the store for all/some/most/vast majority of baked products include but not limited to dairy, chicken eggs, water, gluten, flour, fruits, nuts, butter, oil, vegetable fat, gelling agent (agar, gelatine), jelly, food permitted coloring, food grade flavouring, chocolate, cocoa, vinegar, dried fruits, spice, herbs, decoration gel, cheese. vanila bean, food grade essence, coffee,food grade gold/silver/bronze leaf, food grade edible lustre/glitter/shimmer, food leavening agents, yeast, food emulsifiers (from readily packaged professional produts only not as an aditive or food enhancer) etc. 

Other ingredients depending on recipe's and flavour may also contain ingredients such as but limited to 'santan' or coconut milk, fruit puree, root vegetables, pandan leaves, frozen IQF fruits etc. 

All the items in our e-store does not contain alcohol in any recipes.

We do not use or add any form of stablizer, shelf life extension enhancers into our recipes therefore kindly consume cakes within 3 days of purchase (check for storage advise) and kindly refrain from consumming if the product has been compromised in any way. 

We are not gluten free, vegan or nut free bakery. 

Patisserie Rui hereby advise all customers to read carefully this above list and practice self discretion and precaution in particulary for allergies/special dietary needs consumers and will not be held liable for any damages due to consumtion/sale/purchase of our bakery items/cakes/all items.