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Prestige Fruits for Offering
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Special Cuisine for the other world. 

Please read carefully before purchasing

This item is non-edible. Selling custom paintings of Japan Seasonal Fruits in original recycled box for the use of offerings to our loved ones over the season of 'Cheng Meng' (Tomb Sweeping).

1. Custom painted prestige fruits in original box

2. Fruits will be painted by hand and can vary from size and shape or type according to 'artist impression'

3. Availalbe for self collection in store or delivery at additional cost

All items are made by hand with non-waxed paper.

Fully recyclable and easy to burn.

Please remove plastic (if any on outer packaging) before placing into furnace.

For other custom food or dishes, kindly whatsapp 0123177290 for custom orders.

What's in the box

your selection of paper fruits packed in plastic bag.

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